awakening to abundance

30 may - 4 june, 2019

Aparigraha is the last of the Yama’s in Patangali’s eight limbs of yoga. It is often translated as non-attachment or non-possessiveness. The practice of Aparigraha is the beginning of a paradigm shift, from a perception of lack to an ackowledgement of abundance .

Join Gregory Lennon and Shannon Handa as they lead practices, meditations, and workshops exploring this Awakening to Abundance.

There is a worm addicted to eating grape leaves. Suddenly he wakes up, call is Grace, whatever, something wakes him, and he is no longer a worm. He is the entire vineyard, the orchard too, the fruit, the trunks, a growing wisdom and joy that does not need to devour.
— Rumi

Bathed in the golden sunlight of Puglia, set an intention of abundance during daily meditation and Vinyasa Yoga practices. Explore the beautiful, baroque center of Lecce and breathtaking beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian coasts. Practice mindfulness while strolling through the olive groves, or sit dappled in sun while shaded on the island in the center of the pool.

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The masseria

Just minutes from Lecce, Masseria Provenzani is nestled within the southern Italian countryside. Around each corner is another beautiful view. Enjoy time with the group, or find space for quiet contemplation in one of the many private seating areas. But the masseria's greatest treasure is Mama Giulia, whose farm-to-table cooking has become legendary. 



  • Morning Meditation

  • Morning 1 hour Rise and Shine Vinyasa Practice

  • Afternoon activities (outings and workshop sessions)

  • Evening 75 minute Vinyasa Practice

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  • Mindfulness hike through Nature Preserve

  • Trip to beach on the Ionian coast

  • Trip to beach on the Adriatic coast

  • Afternoon in the historic center of Lecce

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What is included?

  • 6 days and 5 nights accommodations at Masseria Provenzani

  • Access to the beautiful grounds and secluded swimming pool

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with local produce and wine

  • 3 outings to explore the spectacular Pugliese coasts and culture

  • Daily Yoga practice, meditation, and workshop activities

  • Airport transfer from Brindisi (BDS) to Masseria Provenzani (for afternoon flights) and return


Getting there

Brindisi Airport (BDS) is approximately 36km from Masseria Provenzani. There are several flights arriving daily from Rome and Milan, most operated by Alitalia and an easy transfer from Amsterdam.

Airport transfer service will be offered leaving BDS on 30 May for those arriving on afternoon flights. The return transfer will be on the morning of 4 June.

For more information, including if you plan to extend your time in Puglia, please contact us through the from below.

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